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The Gatsby Membership

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What do you get as a Brimoncourt Society Member ?

1. You join the first ever Champagne Society (200 endorsers only)

2. You pay $19,999 only once. With this one-time payment, you become a lifetime Brimoncourt Ambassador and your rights will last for ever

3. As a Society Member you get the privilege to buy up to 480 bottles of the acclaimed Champagne Brut Régence* for $25 each instead of regular retail price of $50. (No obligation is attached to this membership, you buy and drink according to your thirst).

4. You save up to $12,000 a year, that’s up to $120,000 saved over the next 10 years.

5. You receive a Welcome Pack (worth $250) including 12 champagne glasses, a premium Ice bucket, a stopper and your personal Ambassador card.

6.You will be invited to an exclusive event in New-York city with Lord & Gatsby members

7. You are invited for a Trip to France including 2 Business-class flights to Paris with a private chauffeur and 1 night in a 5 stars hotel in Reims and a lunch with the team

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* Brimoncourt Brut Régence is made of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir. Spontaneous and flattering, this wine seduces with freshness, elegance, rounded texture and pleasantly fruity finish… Read more

As a member, you can order your champagne on this site. Your wine will be shipped to you the next working day from our Californian warehouse.

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